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Steve Sowell has over 30 years of experience in community association law, representing condominium and homeowner associations, cooperatives, developers, and owners.  A member of the Community Associations Institute, Steve Sowell has lectured for it on both the national and state level on issues affecting community associations.  Steve Sowell has published several articles in various publications dealing with condominium issues.  He testified before the National Bankruptcy Review Commission in 1999, suggesting proposed amendments to the federal Bankruptcy Code which were subsequently codified as 11 §523(a)(16).  He served on the State Bar of Michigan committee which proposed the first substantial overhaul of the Michigan Condominium Act in 15 years.  The revisions proposed by the committee were adopted by the Michigan Legislature in 2000 and 2003.

Steve Sowell & Associates has several resources available online for community associations.  First and foremost is his list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about community association issues.  Note:  this page is a work in progress.  If you have a question not on the list, e-mail it to Steve Sowell; it may appear on a future version of this FAQ.

A large part of Steve Sowell's representation of community associations is pursuit of unpaid assessments.  It is important for an association to have and follow a collection policy, but sometimes more forceful action is necessary.  Steve Sowell can pursue collection of assessments for community associations, including recording liens against units, pursuing foreclosure of the lien by advertisement or judicial foreclosure, or by pursuing collection of a money judgment.  Resources available on this web site include an outline about collecting assessments, a form for requesting a lien, and articles concerning collecting condominium assessments in a co-owner's bankruptcy.  

Pursuing collection can sometimes result in a co-owner bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy of a member can have significant consequences for a community association.  While it is important to have competent counsel to represent the association, there are several things an association can and should do to protect its interests.

Another significant aspect of representing community associations is pursuing the remedies available to an association when a community member violates the association restrictions.  There are several remedies available; Steve Sowell has written an article discussing them.

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